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专家介绍 澳洲
About Founder - Mr George Shen

George Shen’ professional career in the jewelry and gemstone industry expands internationally from China to the United States over the past 40 years. From hands on experience in jewelry manufacturing to education in teaching, he has accumulated vast knowledge of the industry.
At age 18, he started working for one of China’ largest jewelry company, Lao FengXiang Co. Ltd. After graduating from college he joined the Shanghai Jewelry Research Institute as a Managing Editor for “China Jewelry” magazine for seven years. This was the first jewelry magazine to be published in China. He laid the foundation for China to be introduced to the world of diamond and gemstone education by being the first to publish an article about GIA in 1989.
Appointed by the China government, George studied the subject of “China Gemstones Application in Jewelry Industry”. He spent two years traveling to the gem mines of China and later was awarded with the “Science and Technology Information Special Award” from Light Product Industry Ministry of China.
George received his G.G. from GIA in 1991. From there he worked for Bagley & Hotchkiss Co. Ltd. as a master jeweler and gemologist for five years. Moving on he became director of California Gemological Institute (C.G.I), a division of Edgewood College USA. In year 2000 he became general manager of Edgewood Gem & Jewelry Technology Co. Ltd. in China. This company was a joint venture company with National Gem & Jewelry Quality Supervision & Inspection Center, which is also one of the main gem laboratories in China today.
In 2001 George brought together C.G.I. in partnership with Shanghai Munisipal Vocational Training Directive Center and National Technology & Quality Control Supervision Bureau. George lectured on the subject of diamond and colored stone grading at the same time establishing the education’s diamond, colored diamond, and colored stone collections. This inspired his two written books about gemstones and colored diamonds collection for the China government.

In 2011, George Shen was invited by GJEPC of India to attend "From Mines to Market" Conference and had a speech of "opportunities in China jewelry market".
In 2012, George was pointed to be the main judge of China Jade Carving Associate Awards.

左图:2012年George Shen (后排左二)担任中国海派玉雕“神工奖”评委
右图:George Shen与  原轻工部部长陈士能先生(右)在2012中国海派玉雕艺术大展颁奖典礼上合影

   左图:George Shen与原上海副市长、上海宝玉石协会名誉会长刘振元先生(左)在中国海派玉雕艺术
展颁奖典礼上合影右图:George Shen(左)与上海市政协主席蒋以任(中)和海派玉雕特级大师刘忠荣(右) 海派玉雕艺术大展颁奖典礼上合影

 George Shen 编撰的图册翠钻珠宝“有色宝石集”和“彩色钻石集”封面

 George Shen 编撰的图册翠钻珠宝“有色宝石集”内面介绍红宝石及蓝宝石
 George Shen 编撰的图册翠钻珠宝“有色宝石集”内面介绍祖母绿及蓝宝石

 George Shen 编撰的图册翠钻珠宝“彩色钻石集”内面介绍彩色钻石

1991年,毕业于美国GIA,获Graduate Gemologist文凭

George Shen was graduated from GIA (The Gemological Institute of America ) with Graduate Gemologist in 1991

China Light Industry Ministry, China Arts and Crafts Corporation  visited

CGI ( California Gemological Institute) in 1999.

左图: George Shen 2009年重返GIA  

(Right 3)Alice S. Keller,Editor of Gem & Gemology Magazine,

(Right 2)Mr Flusser, The Former Chairman of California Jewelry Association,Director of Los Angeles History and Heritage Museum

             (Left 1)Ms. Ge Ping, Chief Financial Director of Weyerhaeuser in China

             (Left 2)Ms. Xuan Yan , Chief Editor of  "China Gems”Magazine

             (Left 3)Mr. Yianni Melas, Gemologist, CEO of PHILIPPE ALEXANDER Company

             (Right 3)Mr. George Shen,Gemologist, Director of California Gemological Institute

             (Right 2)Mr. Alberto Carlo Milani , CEO of Buccellati Jewelry in US

             (Right 1)Mr. Yang Li Xing,Director of National Gemological Training Centre of NGTC

                       (National Gem & Jewelry Technology Administrative Centre)

George Shen from California Gemological Institute (C.G.I)  gives lecture in Shanghai Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art.